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Zagidullina Daniya Fatikhovna

15-03-2023 [ 14:37 ] [ read:113 ]
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Vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. Acctive member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan

He was born in 1964. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan (2007), full member of ANRT (2011), doctor of philological sciences, professor. AS RT deputy chairman.

D.F.Zagidullina graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Kazan State University (1986), completed her postgraduate studies and in 1993 defended her candidate's thesis on "Spiritual and aesthetic education in the lessons of Tatar literature in the study of lyrical works". V-VIII classes) "... on 10.01.02, 2001 - he defended his dissertation for the degree of doctor of philological sciences on the topic "Formation and formation stages of the theory of Tatar literature (the first three of the 20th century)" in the specialty of literature of the Russian peoples. Federation (Tatar literature).

As a literary critic, D.F. Zagidullina made an important contribution to the study of the history of the formation and development of theoretical and literary thought among the Tatars. His research helped to define national literary-theoretical concepts, scientific schools formed at the beginning of the 20th century ("Literary laws and time (formation and development stages of the theory of Tatar literature)", monograph, 2000). He included many unpublished sources into the scientific circulation, first of all, little-known works on literary theory by G. Sagdi, G. Battal, G. Ibrahimov, N. Khalfin and others. The history of the teaching of Tatar literature in schools and madrasas, textbooks on the theory and history of Tatar literature have also become a special research object of the scientist. He is engaged in text work, participates in the preparation of works and works of prominent Tatar writers (G. Rahim, Sh. Babich and others) and scientists (G. Sagdi) for publication. DF Zagidullina, at the same time, deals with the problems of teaching methods of Tatar literature at school, has published a textbook on this subject ("Methodology of teaching Tatar literature at school", 2000, 2004).

One of the promising directions in Tatar philology is the research on the history of Tatar literature at the beginning of the twentieth century, aimed at reconstructing the continuous space that determines the specificity of the artistic consciousness of the national culture. In addition, scientists introduced the legacy of authors unknown to modern readers at the beginning of the 20th century into the scientific circulation: Mahammadkhanafi Kaybyshev, Akhnaf Tangatarov, Faizi Valiyev and others ("Modernism and early 20th century Tatar prose" monographs, 2003; XX century: on the material of philosophical works", 2006).

D.F. Zagidullina is interested in the modern literary process, scientific, review and critical articles on Tatar prose at the beginning of XX-XXI centuries are regularly published in periodicals. In 2006, he published the monograph Yeni Dalgada (Traditions and Innovations in Tatar Prose 1980-2000), in which he tried to identify new trends in Tatar prose and systematized the most important aspects of hermeneutic and structural analysis. a text based on the analysis of the works of Tatar prose writers.

He has more than 200 publications, including 13 teaching-methodical and 98 scientific works used in school and university teaching. 2 doctoral theses and 9 candidate theses were defended under his scientific guidance.