Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi


A lecture will be held on "Representatives of contemporary South Azerbaijani literature, new forms of expression"

Notice: A lecture will be held on "British Modernist Literature"

Weeks of seminars for PhD and dissertation students are continuing

Annousment: Lecture on "World Schools of Literary Studies, Classical and Modern Genres of Literary Criticism"

A scientific seminar dedicated to the relationship between 20th century Chinese literature and social and political life was held

Notification: Lecture on "Mohammed Fuzuli and the challenges of contemporary literary studies"

Notification: A talk titled "The "linguistic revolution" in 20th-century humanitarian philological thought" will held

Notice to applicants who wish to sit for the qualifying examination

Notice: Lecture on "M.A. Ersoy phenomenon in the context of Azerbaijan-Turkey literary relations"

A seminar on research in the context of Azerbaijan-Turkey literary relations held

Doctoral and dissertation students continue to receive lectures at the Institute of Literature

The PhD students‘ lecture weeks and dissertations continue

Notice: Lecture on "Mirza Fatali Akhundzade‘s birth date"

Notice: Lecture on "Poet grandsons of Kasim Bey Zakir"

Notice: Lecture on "Azerbaijani poetry of 1920-60 years"

Notice: Report on "Repression and literature: genesis, nature and methodological aspects of its approach"

Notice: Lecture on "Azerbaijani Arabic Literature"

Announcement of literary scholars‘ lecture days

The Scientific Council of ANAS Institute of Literature held its inaugural meeting in 2024

"Typology and stages of development of fiction-documentary prose in Azerbaijani literature": discussion of the dissertation

ANAS Institute of Literature held a scientific seminar on "Technology of literary text analysis"

ANAS Institute of Literature discussed the work done in the first half of 2022

ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi held a seminar on "Yunus Emre and Azerbaijan"

ANAS Institute of Literature held a seminar on Japanese literature

A scientific-theoretical seminar on "Medieval Azerbaijani literature: conceptual issues" held