Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi


The republican scientific-theoretical conference dedicated to the 230th anniversary of the birth of Mirza Shafi Vazeh was held

An Azerbaijani scientist delivered a paper at Christian University in Jakarta, Indonesia

Doctor of Philology Lutviyya Asgarzadeh was awarded the "Molla Panah Vagif" medal

Falling from a magnificent horse... - Javanshir Yusifli

Nurlana Mammadova. Critic‘s thoughts: Masud Alioglu

Let‘s a child‘s smile be my rhyme - Elnara Akimova

Employees of the Department of Children‘s Literature held the meetings in Oguz region

Akif Huseynli‘s scientific, literary criticism and social-pedagogical activity - presented by Salida Sharifova

Playwright Vagif Samadoglu - Aygün Bagırlı

district Cultural Centre hosted a book presentation with the theme, "I‘m growing up, people!"

“I dedicated my life to the Word”: a fact of ethical and intellectual maturity - Nizami Tagysoy

Children‘s Love Song: I‘m Growing Up, People! - Ilhama Agazadeh

Where is the poet? - Javanshir Yusifli

In Rasul Rza‘s children‘s poems, "...that absent-minded child" - Elnara Akimova

A lecture will be held on "Representatives of contemporary South Azerbaijani literature, new forms of expression"

Rahid Ulusel. Heydar Aliyev is always with us

The article of the Azerbaijani scholar was published in English in the International Journal of Children‘s Literature and Education Research (CHEDAR)

Azerbaijani scientist delivered papers at Tashkent State Pedagogical University

Discussion of the novel "Legend of Prometheus" in the "Let‘s get to know new literature" project

Commemorating Abbas Sahhat‘s 150th birthday "There is no person who does not love the country!" A Republican scientific conference held

Almaz Ulvinin (Binnetova). The wonder of Kharezm (2 weeks with Urganj students)

Fidan Abdurakhmanova. Sleepy angels

Literature and book enthusiasts of the Turkish world met in Baku - Esmira Fuad writes

Azerbaijani scientists in Turkey

From fantasy to reality - Gulnar Gambarova writes from the children‘s prose of Reyhan Yusifgiz

Sometimes the path to the truth goes through a scientific debate - Gazanfar Pashayev

Manzar Niyarli‘s book of stories was published in Turkey

ANAS Institute of Literature held the opening of Mahtimgulu Faraqi Turkmen Literature Center

An international scientific conference dedicated to the creativity of Mahtimgulu Faragi was held

Doctor of Philology Lutviyya Asgarzadeh delivered a paper at the ASEAD 13th International Social Sciences and Discourse 3rd International Philological Symposium