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Nargiz Karimova attended the Chinese language bridge educational camp of Ankhoi University

25-01-2023 [ 11:33 ] [ read:6 ]
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Nargiz Arif gizi Karimova, a researcher at the Department of Azerbaijan-Asian Literary Relations of ANAS Nizami Institute of Literature attended the International Education Conference hosted by the China Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China on January 4-14, 2023 in order to improve the Chinese language. Participated in Anhui University's Chinese language bridge online study camp conducted by the department. During the two-week teaching period, professional teachers conducted extensive and detailed lessons on Chinese language, culture and history. 

More than 130 participants from 17 countries attended the research camp and presented presentations on various topics. At the mentioned event, Nargiz Karimova, an employee of our institute, made a video presentation on the topic "Beautiful Ankhoy is waiting for me" and took the 3rd place among 130 participants and received a certificate of success. obtained.