Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi


Scholars of ANAS Institute of Literature attended the Forum of Azerbaijani Women "For Equal Development".

27-12-2023 [ 11:29 ] [ read:295 ]
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The Azerbaijan Women's Forum was hosted under the banner "For Equal Development" by an NGO alliance. Tarana Karimova, chairperson of the Gender and Economy PU, leads the coalition; members include Sevinj Orujova, chairperson of the "Zafar" support to martyrs' families PU, chairperson of the "Gender and Human Rights Research Union", chairwoman of the ANAS Women's Council, professor Rena Mirzazade, chairperson of the Institute of Young Democrats, political scientist Yegane Hajiyeva, Chairman of the "Ecological Awareness and Monitoring"  Asmatkhanim Mammadova, Chairman of "Azerbaijan Turkey Social Development" PU Gamza Yusubova, Chairman of "Perfection" Society Chairman of "Health Protection" PU Nigar Helmi Yazgül Abdiyeva is a Turkish woman. Aygün Samadova founded "Support for Strengthening the Social Welfare of Citizens" PU.

Those who spoke at the ceremony emphasized the achievements made in all spheres by the independent Azerbaijan formed by National Leader Heydar Aliyev and his worthy successor, President Ilham Aliyev.

It should be emphasized that the coalition created by nine non-governmental organizations with the motto "For equal development" has united Azerbaijani women behind a shared purpose. At the meeting, it was said that the alliance will support the orderly and organized participation of women in the country's social-political, socio-economic, and cultural life.

Around 500 women from diverse sectors attended the event, including public personalities, scientists and educators, as well as members from non-governmental groups and the commercial sector. Women scientists from the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and scientific institutes affiliated with the Ministry of Science and Education also took part in the forum's activities. Dr. Farida Azizova and Doctor of Philology Aygun Bagirli represented the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature at the forum.

The Azerbaijan Women's event Declaration "For Equal Development" was adopted at the end of the event.

In the document, within the framework of the "Great Return" process to the liberated territories, ensuring civil society participation, strengthening civil society participation in decision-making, and promoting gender equality in the private sector, including local territorial and self-governing bodies, increasing women's economic activity, protecting our national and moral values, and developing the young generation in the spirit of patriotism are all mentioned.