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Scientist has created a school (Shirindil Alıshanlı -70) - Aygün Bagırlı

12-10-2022 [ 11:56 ] [ read:84 ]
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At different periods of a person's life - in his educational life, work life, personal life, he sometimes comes across such personalities whose criteria become his criteria, his facts become his truth, his values become your value, and his path becomes your path. When the roots of these criteria and measurements are based on truth and purity, you no longer call it a pleasant coincidence, but a vital necessity, you say goodbye to the path he has laid, and you set off. Like the way of my master Shirindil Alyshanli.

Among the flagships of literary studies such as Mammad Jafar Jafarov, Mir Jalal Pashayev, Firidun Huseynov, Aziz Mirakhmadov, Yashar Garayev, who set the golden rules for you to become a professional, professional, correct approaches, objective and analytical view, look at the object of research from the right perspective. Being a student of Shirindil Alyshanli School, which builds a reliable bridge, is both proud and responsible. What you learn from this school directs you to use every word in its place, to stay away from unnecessary exaggerations and biased approaches.You consider the word sacred, but you turn to it only when you need to write and speak. You can't be indifferent to worthy words and great literature after learning from Shirindil Alyshanli's school. In the literary world, you see everyone at his own height, at his own weight - at the height where the big one is big, the one who tries to look big. He knows that all that glitters is not gold, sometimes you feel the light inside a rough phrase and the fragility under a harsh expression. In a word, you absorb literature with all your soul and move into literature. In order to master the artistic material, even the theoretical material, Shirindil Alyshanli requires you to be a man of letters, to be aware of all the meanings of the word - both aesthetic, philosophical, and literary-artistic capacity. His teachings and demanding principles shape you as a real scientist, a real citizen and a person.

"The way of national wealth to conquer the world begins with the thinking of a scientist-citizen with a high theoretical preparation," - said Sh. Alyshanli's activity and personality are in harmony with each other. "The Internet is helpful for the literary critic as a bibliographic index and a means of information exchange, but not much... No scientific and technical tool can ever replace the literary critic's innate talent in listening to the literary monument" - a Brazilian who was recently headlined by a Korean scholar in his presentation. It reminded me of political scientist Jaime Lerner's idea, "Study philosophy, not technique." The author of the report, a South Korean scientist who has achieved all kinds of technical achievements and left behind several stages of the technical-industrial revolution, rightly came to the conclusion that this time he should study philosophy, not technology. When we say philosophy here, we must understand the world of man, his feelings, thoughts, desires and dreams, which is the main subject of literature. Of course, technical progress can only determine a person's heartbeat and pulse rate, and his flutterings and desires can be understood by a living person and literature, which is the main expression of his life. requires sensitivity.

Emphasizing that classics and literary facts should be carefully viewed from a new theoretical aspect in the changing context of the changing times, not creating conditions for the extremes that appear in various forms in the new era, evaluating any monument, literary event, text and fact outside of historical reality will lead to wrong results in all research and artistic approaches. considers logical and artistic thinking as an important factor, and recommends turning all acquired things into bearers of scientific thought. For the development of literary studies, the formation of various new schools, even if they stand at opposite poles, is based on relying on existing theoretical and practical experiences and successful traditions.

Shirindil Alyshanli considers it important to read the classics again in the light of today, but definitely against the background of the reality of national historical literary processes, for the objectivity of the evaluation principles, the researcher expects rich knowledge, high aesthetic taste and outlook. He emphasizes that the creativity of literary personalities, who have a great role in creating the history of the people, should not be approached with ready-made, cliché, stencil recipes, but from a conceptual, correct methodological position, and when evaluating the literature of the classical heritage or the Soviet era, the transition periods of literary-historical, social-social stages, evolution and recommends monitoring their regressions. For Shirindil Alyshanli, the literary figures who are the creators of great literature are also the figures who create the national moral image of the nation and present it to the world without recognizing time and space limitations.

Theoretical and historical problems of artistic methods, which principles are taken as the basis of literary periodization, methodological problems of literary studies, the study of literary relations, the history of theoretical and critical thought, the investigation of historical poetics in modern literary thought, the aesthetic evolution in the structure of individual genres are the main research objects of the scientist. He looks at the creations of classics such as Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Huseyn Javid, Samad Vurgun, Jafar Jabbarli, Suleyman Rahimov, Mir Jalal, and many literary scholars in the context of these problems and draws them into analysis from this aspect.

I have a 44-year-old letter in front of me. Honestly, I don't remember when I had it. What is missing in this two-page letter addressed to Shirindil Alyshanli by literary critic Yashar Garayev when he was studying in Moscow! In addition to scientific recommendations and advice, the scientist also shows the right path with the sincerity of an elder brother and a close confidant. "I still remember our conversations on the summit of Gantaperli and I have no doubt that Shirindil will protect the morals of the mountains from all kinds of damage with triple sensitivity in Moscow," Yashar Garayev said to the letter, first of all from those mountains, the charming beauties of Lachin, Kirkhbulag, Ahmadli, Agoglan, Martabil from the hill, Seyid Amiraga bridge, Alishanar tala, and how much success and achievement you get in the city, he emphasizes that "nature and village feeling is much stronger for memory and heart memory". As the master said, Shirindil Alyshanli Yashar not only preserved the mountain morality and purity in Moscow, but also kept it alive in the capital city of Baku for the past 45 years. We constantly felt the pure breeze of those mountains in his face during these years in the corridors of the Institute of Literature. Mr. Shirindil combined the purity of nature with the purity of the scientist, who opened his eyes to the world in his person, and presented to our students a true model of a scientist and a citizen.

You probably remember what I said on your 60th birthday, Shirindil bay, take care of yourself, we need you. Ten years have passed, a lot has changed in these ten years, but my dream and desire have not changed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Aygun Baghirli 

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