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"The fault of Sheets" Khalida Nuray‘s book presented

06-07-2022 [ 12:51 ] [ read:25 ]
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The presentation of Khalida Nuray's book of poems "The fault of Sheets" was held at the Institute of Literature  after Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS.

Academician Isa Habibbayli, Director  of the Institute of Literature, who presented the book "The fault of Sheets" at the event, said that Khalida Nuray's poems meet the requirements of poetry in many ways. Usually, there are few social motives in women's poems. Ms. Khalida has a clear, objective position of being an Azerbaijani. "For the first time, I saw a real poetic poem about the uniqueness of women's world in the works of Khalida Nuray.

Head of the Department of Literary Theory of the Institute, Doctor of Philology, Professor Tahira Mammad, Turkish public figure Mehmet Erdagöz, poet-translator Gulzira Sharipova from the Republic of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Philology Alizadeh Asgarli shared their opinions about the book and the author.

Head of Surgery Department of Sharur District Central Hospital Vagif Babayev, Doctor of Philology, Professor Mammad Aliyev, Doctor of Philology Salida Sharifova, poet-publicist Najiba Ilkin, poet Ibrahim Yusifoglu, Doctors of Philology Sakina Bayramova, Yegane Kahramanova, Mushfig Borchali and Elyar Islam, poets Rafiga Abbasova and Ilham Gurbanoglu talked about Khalida Nuray's creativity.

In the end, Khalida Nuray delivered a speech and expressed her gratitude for the organization of the event.