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The Great Motherland, which returned to us our invincible Turkishness - Narmin Hasanova

27-09-2023 [ 13:58 ] [ read:20 ]
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Three years have passed since that glorious time when the motherland called its sons and embraced its brave men. Heroic sons, who are a part of the motherland, opened paths to the world of darkness. In 44 days, the Oghuz Bahadir returned to the "Iron Fist" and returned the land to its original owner, which had been unoccupied for 30 years. Martyr's blood and veteran's blood blessed Karabakh, whose heart is broken, on that blessed day. Thanks to our heroic sons, the ideals of freedom and independence struggles, which have been going on for centuries, reached their historical peak in the Patriotic War. The hateful enemy did not learn from the result and committed another military provocation on September 19, 2023. According to the agreement reached 24 hours after the armed clash, which the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan called an anti-terrorist operation
stopped. The mujahideen of the homeland, who did not see Karabakh, once again taught the enemy a lesson with their longing for the homeland, their love for their country, and their bravery in their souls. In September, these birds of paradise left us forever and moved to their warm nests. These brave young men, whose world of dreams was destroyed, whose bodies were pierced by shells, brought us to our lands, which we have been searching for for years.
 The victory of our victorious army and the removal of the hated enemy from our lands was the only consolation for the fires whose light went out prematurely. On the 10th of November, when a mother carried her son's coffin on her shoulder, another mother, holding a bunch of carnations in her hands, tearfully said, "I am very happy, I am going to congratulate him on my son's grave. His blood did not stay on the ground!" was engraved in memory with its image. September 27, which is included in our history as a memorial day, is the day when the warriors of the great homeland, who were close friends with their weapons, said goodbye to 30 years of black happiness and proved once again that our Turkishness is invincible. Remembrance Day is the day of mujahideen, whose wounded roots flutter in the glorious flag waving in the sky. September 27 is the day when the 44 days of Karabakh's nationalization and the historical moment when the enemy was brought to its knees are remembered. September 27 is the day when the mujahideen of the homeland breathe again, and our martyrs die one and a thousand are resurrected. On this day of remembrance, we commemorate our martyrs, whose oath, spirit, air, and water were the motherland, and who were sent to their last home by wrapping their arms around the flag that lit the way. We bow to the memory of all our martyrs, our veterans, and express our deep gratitude for the fact that they gave us Victory and kept us alive as a victorious nation. We wish God's strength and endurance to the families of the sons of the country, who became epic with their bravery and heroism.