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Employees of the Department of Children\‘s Literature held the meetings in Oguz region

10-06-2024 [ 12:59 ] [ read:18 ]
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Interesting meetings were held in the Oguz region with the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature's scientific secretary, Ph.D .Aygün Bagırli,  the staff of the children's literature department, and children's author Sevinj Nurugizi.

Attending the meetings were schoolchildren from the villages of Jalut, Karimli, Tayifli, Khalkhal Kishlaq, Khachmaz and Garabulag.

 At the events "I'm growing up, people!" and "Oguz, you have a guest", researchers of the Department of Children's Literature held interesting conversations with children on the topics of books, reading, literature, and artistic works. At the end of the meetings, the young scholars appealed to children's writers and publishers to send gifts from their books to the libraries and schools of our villages, to meet the interest of a large audience of readers and book lovers in remote areas.