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The renewal course of ANAS: in the context of statehood and modernity

20-05-2024 [ 12:55 ] [ read:112 ]
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International indexing of the country's scientific journals and the expansion of relations with various scientific centers of the world are closely related directions. They are directed to one goal - the promotion of Azerbaijani science on a world scale. And in a new, more grounded and convincing way.

The idea is that scientists have a custom that dates back to the Soviet period in which they personally present themselves overseas. For instance, during one of the scientific conferences in Germany, our esteemed scientist Khudu Mammadov delivered a lecture that had attendees standing up in the auditorium. Before that, though, they scheduled Kh. Mammadov's report for five minutes before the meeting ended since they thought of him as "some scientist" from Azerbaijan, which was "far away" for them. The scientist from Azerbaijan objected, claiming he would give the report the following day. It was organised by the Germans, and with his long speech, Khudu Mammadov captured their hearts and minds.There are plenty of examples like this. The important thing to remember is that ANAS is now bringing its scientists on the global stage as innovative individuals representing a methodical and cutting-edge organisation. In light of this, ANAS supports the Azerbaijani scientist who is speaking to the world on behalf of both his organisation and himself, as stated in the previously agreed collaboration deal! This is a more sensible and capable strategy.

In the same way, Azerbaijani scientists are already well-known to the world thanks to the worldwide index of scientific publications, and they frequently attend international conferences as well-known scientists. Naturally, in this case, the reasoning is "we have invited a well-known scientist from Azerbaijan, an employee of ANAS for an interesting presentation," rather than "he came from Azerbaijan, let him speak." I think it's clear to all of us that these presentations differ from one another.

Doctor of Philosophy Fuzuli GURBANOV,

"Xalq" newspaper