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Istanbul Culture University awarded People‘s writer Anar the "Elder of Turkish World Literature" prize

02-05-2024 [ 14:17 ] [ read:44 ]
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On April 26, People's writer Anar met at Istanbul Culture University in Turkey. The meeting called "Author of two ages: Anar" was attended by the University's scientific and teaching staff, employees and students. The dean of the Faculty of Philology of the University, Professor Fatih Göksal, who opened the event with his opening speech, spoke about the importance of Anar's meeting with the Turkish youth, the great writer of the Turkish world: "I thank our master Anar for accepting the invitation. Perhaps the young people sitting here do not know how big and important this day is. But I am sure that after the event, they will tell their friends what a wonderful day they had."

Later, University employees Vahit Türk and Isa Kocakaplan spoke about the great works done by Anar for the enrichment of the literature of the Turkic world.

The author's translator and writer, Imdat Avshar, provided a thorough analysis of Turkey in his writing: "You have to read the works of master Anar if you want to know how Azerbaijan views Turkey, particularly Turkish literature. The writers Yunis Imra, Anar Mevlana, and their friends who attended our event are depicted as being of the same age in the TURKSOY book "Contemporaries". 

After the speeches, People's writer Anar thanked the organizers of the event and said that the meeting with Turkish youth was of special importance for him: "The event was given a very specific name: Writer of two eras... Indeed, my fate made me live in two eras - during the Soviet era and after independence. during the period. I have the opportunity to compare these periods. When I remember that in the Soviet era, just uttering the word "Turk" and establishing any relations with Turkey could have resulted, I understand the meaning better today. Here, my friends talked about how Turkey occupies a special place both in my texts and in my biography. I can add that before I even learned the alphabet and knew how to read and write, my mother used to read me the poems of Turkish poets, mainly Nazim Hikmet's book "Turku of Sun Drinkers". Later, I myself read various Turkish poets and loved them, I wrote articles and books about them".

Upon concluding his remarks, the author thanked the event's organisers and emphasised the significance of these gatherings in uniting the two brothers' literary works. After then, the author was given mementos from Atatürk University. Young people and book club members talked about the author's work and signed books for him.