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ANAS held an event on "Nurangiz Gün, the white flower of our poetry"

12-01-2024 [ 11:40 ] [ read:187 ]
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The Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of ANAS hosted an event called "Nurangiz Gun, the White Flower of Our Poetry" to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the memorable poetess Nurangiz Gun.

Dr. Vagif Yusifli, chairman of the Institute of Literature's Department of Literary Criticism, gave the book "The White Flower of Our Poetry, Nurangiz Gün" to the poet as part of the ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by scientists and cultural luminaries, members of the Milli Majlis, artist family members, and literary community representatives.

First, the attendees became familiar with the poet's work display.

Academician Isa Habibbayli, ANAS President, recognized Nurangiz Gün, who came to literature with the narrative "God," as a talented poet, publicist, and important person in his opening statement. The presentation of the book "White flower of our poetry Nurangiz Gun" coincided with the 85th anniversary of the great artist and poet Nurangiz Gun, which he regarded an important event.

The head of ANAS discussed the main features of the poetry of the well-known poet Nurangiz Gunun, who provided great services to the people of Azerbaijan on the eve of independence and during the independence period, and emphasized that the writer is a great artist who created original examples of Azerbaijani poetry. He stated that, in addition to pure lyrics, social motives were included and complemented each other in Nurangiz Gunn's work: "The poem with a deep social content called "Cage Republic" written by Nurangiz Gunn during the years of Soviet rule is a valuable work that expresses a great civic mission."

Academician Isa Habibbayli said that Nurangiz Gun, who possesses varied originality, accomplished his duty as a professional writer at a high level in both his lyrics and poetry.

According to him, the poetess's work was extensively investigated in all directions in the book "Nurangiz Gün, the white flower of our poetry," and scientific analyses were conducted. The president of ANAS drew attention to the fact that in this book, which is divided into four parts and creates a perfect literary portrait of Nurangiz Gun, Jala Aliyeva, the poetess's daughter and Milli Majlis MP, has an interview about Nurangiz Gun, which completes the provisions put forward in the book. He also underlined that the book is a photographic journal.

Then, Academician Teymur Karimli, head of ANAS's Institute of Manuscripts after Muhammad Fuzuli, delivered a paper on "A Word About Poet Nurangiz Gun." Academician Teymur Karimli, who wrote an article on the poetess's 85th birthday titled "Southern Poetry of Nurengiz Day," stated that the poetess's poetry has a global essence in the light of human problems, and issues such as love for the homeland, love for the land, and kindness are a priority in her work. The speaker quoted a piece of Nurangiz Gunun's poem "Cage Nightingale" while discussing the poet's passion for the south, pointing out that the writer wanted worldwide justice in the poem.

Academician Nizami Jafarov discussed the importance of the book "The white flower of our poetry Nurangiz Gün," which was given to the public, emphasizing that the publication comprehends and explains the core of the writer's poetry.

"Nurangiz Gunun's work is an integral part of Azerbaijani poetry," the speaker said, adding that the given book is a significant resource with the character of a thorough source of knowledge in terms of a deeper study of the poet's rich work.

Dr. Vagif Yusifli, the dean of the Institute of Literature's Department of Literary Criticism, delivered a speech on the "Peculiarities of Nurangiz Gun's Art" later in the evening. He discussed the conception and production of the book "The White Flower of Our Poetry Nurangiz Gün" as well as the writer's artistic career.

"Poetic confrontations with "red darkness" in Nurangiz Gün's prose" by Esmira Fuad, doctor of philology, "Poetic creativity of Nurangiz Gün", Ph.D. "The search for harmony in society and human-nature relations" were also heard at the event.

The reports highlighted the virtues of Nurangiz Gunun's writings, his philosophical poetry, artistic aspects, and the writer's efforts. It was noted that the poetess, who is involved in a variety of artistic endeavors, has always captivated people with her inventiveness, kindness, and high culture.

The Milli Majlis's Chairman of the State Committee on Family, Women, and Children's Issues, Hijran Huseyenova, People's Poet Vahid Aziz, People's Writer Elmira Akhundova, Milli Majlis's Chairman of the Labor and Social Policy Committee, Musa Urud, and others then spoke about Nurangiz Gunun's exceptional place in Azerbaijani literature and exceptional services.

Schoolchildren performed examples of Nurangiz Gunun's poetry at the ceremony.

At the end, the poetess's daughter, Milli Majlis MP and doctor of philological studies Jala Aliyeva expressed appreciation to the event organizers and ANAS management for the respect shown to her mother.