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Monograph Alishir Navai‘s century and prose (scientific-philological and religious-mystical works) - Almaz Ulvi Binnetov

09-06-2023 [ 15:17 ] [ read:92 ]
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The monograph "Alishir Navai's century and prose (scientific-philological and religious-mystical works)" is a valuable book that contributes to the development of Azerbaijani-Uzbek literary relations and Azerbaijani Navai studies. The monograph "Alishir Navai's century and prose" published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences contains the interpretation, content, and analytical analysis of A.Navai's works. Almaz Ulvi Binnatova, head of the "Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan Literary Relations" Department, Doctor of Philology, "The Age and Prose of Alishir Navain (scientific-philological and religious-mystical works)" monograph was published in Baku in 2020 by "Science and Education" publishing house.

The monograph "Alishir Navai's century and prose (scientific-philological and religious-mystical works)" was republished in Baku in 2023 by "Science and Education" publishing house. The scientific editors of the book are Academician Isa Habibbayli and Professor Shohrat Sirajeddinov. Philologist, Doctor of Philology. Valuable scientists such as Ataami Mirzayev, Doctor of Philology, Professor Dilorom Salahi, Doctor of Philology are the authers of reviews to the book. The editor-in-chief of the book is Ph.D. in Philology Shahla Majidova. Academician Isa Habibbayli wrote a foreword to the book titled "A new page of Azerbaijani pedagogy". In the foreword, researcher Almaz Ulvi Binnatova's great role in the development of Azerbaijan-Uzbekistan literary relations. Alishir Navai is a valuable artist of these two nations and his personality are included to the book. At the same time, Shohrat Siraceddinov's article entitled "Almaz Ulvi's monograph "Alishir Navai's century and prose" is the most outstanding example of Azerbaijani neologism during the period of independence" is a valuable material that reflects the author of the book and his exceptional services in the existing and developing literary relations between the two brotherly nations. This monograph, which consists of 582 pages, is valuable in terms of covering Alishir Navai's scientific-philological and religious-mystical works. The monograph "Alishir Navai's century and prose (scientific-philological and religious-mystical works)" is a very valuable resource that presents the personality and creativity of the great thinker Alishir Navai to the youth of the 21st century in terms of showing the strength and connection of literary relations between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan in the modern era.