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Libraff bookstore held the presentation ceremony of Dilara Adilova‘s book "366 days or the faith of a long year"

21-06-2023 [ 11:17 ] [ read:54 ]
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 On June 16, 2023, Libraff bookstore held the book presentation ceremony by Dilara Adilova, an employee of the 20th century (Soviet era) Azerbaijani Literature Department of ANAS Nizami GanjaviI Institute of Literature. The book is dedicated to 2020, which will remain forever in world history. Doctor of Philology, Professor Badirkhan Ahmadov wrote a foreword to "Artistic Chronicle of a Terrible and Magnificent Year". The novel brings the reader step by step through the pandemic and the great Victory to the end of the year. The participants of the event talked about the characteristics of the memoir genre, which the author addressed, the new trends he brought to the genre, and his different style. The presenter of the event, Professor B. Ahmadov, called the writing style of the work "a style we are not used to" and spoke about the skillful combination of fiction and memoir literature. Professor noted on the author's creativity, Alizade Askerli gave high praise to the novel and noted that its importance will be known more in the future. Doctor of Philology Sara Osmanli, Doctor in Philology, poet Vugar Ahmad, Doctor of HistorynTahira Hasanzadeh, PhDs in Philology Ismikhan Osmanli, Aslan Salmansoy, Farida Hijran, Ekrem Bagirov, Hijran Nasibova, Guldeniz Gocayeva, Aygun Bagirli, Gunay Garayeva, Tarana Aslanova and others speaking on the uniqueness and uniqueness of Dilara Adilgil's creativity, the features of enlightenment, the image of a savior, and the language that draws the reader along, they highly valued the work "366 days or the faith of a long year".

          Speaking with special love about the personality of Dilara Adilgil, the participants of the presentation expressed their confidence that the novel "366 days or the faith of a long year" will live on in the future and its eternal modernity.