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Gulnar Sama‘s book "Sozumiz sozdür-2 published

09-02-2024 [ 10:11 ] [ read:412 ]
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Gülnar Sama's book "Sozumiz sozdür-2" containing journalistic articles was published abroad by "GlobeEdit" publishing house. The collection of articles was published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on October 3, 2023 No. 5.

This book contains the articles written by Gulnar Sama, a senior researcher of the Department of Press History and Journalism of the Institute of Literature, Ph.D. in Philology. The first articles are called "The Image of Heydar Aliyev in the Poems Written in the Years of Independence", "Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijani Literature".


Some of the articles are dedicated to the creativity of authors such as Vilayat Guliyev, Asif Rustamli, Gulhuseyn Huseynoglu, Mammad Ismayil, Maarif Hasanoglu, Dayanat Osmanli, Elchin Isgenderzade, Akbar Goshali. Articles about the books of young writers Aysel Khanlargizi, Farid Huseyn, Sakhavat Sahil, Ramil Marzili, Ulucay Akif are also collected in the book. There is also space for articles about the poems of Yusif Nagmekar, Asad Jahangir, Rashad Majid, Zalimkhan Yagub, Sabir Mustafa and other poets. At the same time, large-scale studies dedicated to the study of regional literature were also published in the book.

The scientific editor of the book is Elchin Mehraliyev, doctor of philological sciences. The reviewers are Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Jahangir Mammadli and Doctor of Philosophy in Philology, Associate Professor Gulbeniz Babayeva. The photographer is Nofal Umid.

This 168-page book is a continuation of the author's book "Our word is a word" published in 2019. It is possible to order the book by entering the code ISBN-13: 978-620-6-79661-9 in search engines.