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Gadirova Malahat Soltan gizi

13-03-2023 [ 12:12 ] [ read:30 ]
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Date of birth: 1968

Place of birth: Shahsevan village, Kurdamir district

Address: Baku city, Yasamal district, M. Nakhchivani street, house 29

Contact: 0503792524


Education: In 1975-1985, I received full secondary education at Topalhasanli village secondary school, Kurdamir region.

- In 1986-1992, I graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Azerbaijan State University after M.A. Rasulzadeh.

Ph.D. dissertation: In 2011-2015, he was a doctoral student at the "Literary Theory" Department of the ANAS N.Ganjavi Institute of Literature. In 2017, in the same department, he defended his dissertation on "Romance in Azerbaijani realist poetry (1920-1950s)", and in 2018, he was awarded the scientific degree of PhD in Philology.

––In the 2018-2019 academic year, he was admitted to the Department of "World Literature and Comparative Studies" of the Institute of Literature after

ANAS N.Ganjavi as a dissertation student. Currently, he is working on his doctoral dissertation entitled "Azerbaijani-Belarusian Literary Relations".

Position: leading researcher in the Department of World Literature and Comporativistics of the Institute of Literature named after N. Ganjavi of ANAS.

Computer skills:

–– Windows operating system and Word software.

– Writing texts in Azerbaijani, Russian and English at a high level on the computer.

Language skills:

––Azerbaijani language at a very high level.

–– Writing and reading in Russian at a good level, speaking at an average level.

––Writing and reading in English at a good level, speaking at an average level.

––Speaking in Turkish at a good level.

Other areas of activity:

––Artistic creativity (poetry). In 2002 "I'm going to the light", in 2004 "I believed in you too much", "War of Runes" in 2010, "When I Don't Exist" which was published in England in 2015. author of books. In 2020, the monograph "Romance in Azerbaijani realist poetry (1920-1950s)" was published.

In 2022, a book of poems called "Memory of an Half-Life" was published.

His artistic, journalistic and scientific articles are published in local and foreign press.

He is a member of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union, a laureate of the "Golden Pen" award.

Currently, he is working on the monograph "Problems of translation and publication of Belarusian children's literature in Azerbaijan".