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Yagubova Maral Rafig gizi

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Position: Scientific worker

Phone: office: (+994 12) 539 10 28; mobile phone: (+994 55) 7434167


Place of birth: Republic of Azerbaijan, Tovuz region, Donuk Kirikli village

Date of birth: 01.02.1984

Education: Baku State University

Scientific degree: PhD in Philology

Topic of PhD thesis: "Retrospection in the period of sovereign Azerbaijani prose"10.01.08; Azerbaijani literature; Theory of literature, Study on text

Total number of printed scientific works: 35

Number of scientific works printed abroad: 5

Number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases: 1

Number of patents and certificates of authorship: Winner of the Second Competition of Young Scientists and Specialists on providing of grants by the Fund for Development of Science under the President of Azerbaijan Republic held in 2013 – on the subject: "Influence of Development of Science and Information communication Technologies on the process of modern Literary creativity"

Main scientific achievements: She has given conceptual-theoretical interpretation of the retrospection in the thesis "Retrocpection in the Azerbaijani sovereign period prose" and endovered to determine its status as a literary-theoretical category. She researched this subject firstly in the Azerbaijani literary criticism at PhD level. She wrote scientific works in direction of theoretical interpretation of literary structure of time and space in the postmodern prose 

Names of the scientific works: 1.Various methods of modern interpretations of ancient literary aesthetical events: on the basis of the plot of Leyli and Majnun.

Research Journal of Turkish Language and Literature. Ege University Literature faculty publications # 21, July/December, 2011, Izmir, pp. 117-150;

2.The artistic-aesthetical function of retrospection in contemporary prose (on the basis of "Execution day" by Yusif Samadoglu). ANAS Institute of Manuscripts after M.Fizuli,"Philology affairs", Baku, 2009, # 9, pp. 350-361;

3.Retrospection in roman structures. "Scientific papers" of Baku Slavic University. Series of language and literature, Baku, 2011, # 1, pp. 130-136;

4.The philosophical and aesthetical essence of time (artistic) and retrospection. Urgent problems of humanitarian sciences. Scientific journal of amongst high schools. Baku, "Mutarjim", 2012, # 1, pp. 129-132;

5.The means and forms realizing retrospection in art text. ANAS Institute of Manuscripts after M.Fizuli, "Philology Works", Baku, 2012, # 4, pp. 359-365;

6.The techniques of description of retrospection in various literary movements. Töpk əлeмı: тaриx жəнe kaзıргı заман Xaлыкарылыk Töрктану симпозиумы макалалар жинагы 2011 жылгы 28-29 сəjир. International symposium, Astana, 2011, pp. 467-472.

Other activities: Deputy Chairman of Young Scientists Board at ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami; Responsible secretary of the journal "Poetics.izm"; Member ofWiki -Group of ANAS Institute of Literature named after Nizami