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Sadyar Vazifa Eloglu. "The years behind" (my poems and memories with Huseyn Arif)

21-05-2024 [ 14:07 ] [ read:92 ]
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The book "The years left behind" (my poetry and recollections with Huseyn Arif) by Sadyar Vazifa Eloglu was released in honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Huseyn Arif, the national poet of Azerbaijan. Baku: "Savad", 104 pages, 2024.

Associate professor Gandab Hagverdi Aliyeva, a philology PhD candidate and prominent researcher at the Institute of Literature named after Nizami Janjavi of ANAS, is the book's compiler, scientific editor, and author of the foreword.

The book has poetry and recollections of South Azerbaijani poet and researcher Sadyar Vazifa Eloglu, who was spiritually friends and creative collaborators with the late Huseyn Arif, a well-known poet in Azerbaijan.

The shape of this desire poetry between the North and the South of Azerbaijan originated from the hundreds of penmen who came to the language after the famous Shahriyar's poem "Greetings to Heydarbaba" crossed the boundaries. This was a sort of continuation of the letter-writing tradition that started between the two nations following the Gulistan Treaty's conclusion. This means that in both the letter and love literature, Azerbaijani poets compose poetry without ever meeting in person; instead, they establish communication and their literary environment based only on their mutual familiarity with one another's works. They make such genuine impressions. "The Years Behind" is the first published book on the poetic epistolary literature of Azerbaijan.