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Mirza Bala Mahammadzade‘s "Selected Works" was published

21-05-2024 [ 14:02 ] [ read:87 ]
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Published by "Science and education" publishing company, Volume VII of the "Azerbaijan emigration literature library" series, which was started by the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of literary of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, has "Selected works" by Mirza Bala Mahammadzade.

The volume compiled on the basis of the primary sources includes encyclopaedic essays, poems, stories, memoirs, literary studies, articles on the issues of national heritage and art, the history of emigration and the Turkic world, and other multifaceted literary-scientific works that paint a complete picture of his journalistic activity. This book is significant since it is the first academically published compilation of some of M.B. Mohammadzadeh's writings from his exile.

Doctor in Philology Nikpur Jabbarli wrote the notes and foreword to the volume. PhD in Philology Arif Acaloglu served as the volume's editor-in-chief. The following volumes in the "Azerbaijan emigration literature library" series are currently being prepared by the Institute.