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Salida Sharifova. Poetic universe of Leyla Aliyeva

06-05-2024 [ 11:14 ] [ read:90 ]
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"Poetic universe of Leyla Aliyeva" monograph by Salida Sharifova, senior researcher of ANAS Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature, acctive member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor of ANAS, Doctor of Philology was published by "Elm və təhsil" publishing house.

The monograph was recommended for publication by the decision No. 2 of the Scientific Council of  ANAS Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature dated March 28, 2024.

The monograph was completed as an individual work plan in 2022-2023 by S.Sharifova, senior researcher of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi.

The monograph clarifies the main reasons why Leyla Aliyeva's poems were translated from Russian to Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian, as well as Eastern and Western languages.

In the monograph, the characteristics of the artistic language and descriptive tools of Leyla Aliyeva's poetic examples are reviewed, the rhetorical questions she uses, her address in the form of a monologue, symbols, epithets and similes, artistic contrasts, metaphors, synonyms, address, etc. The refinement of the points is also not overlooked. The translation problems arising in the process of translating Leyla Aliyeva's poetry into the Azerbaijani language are considered. It is also interesting to clarify the fact that the changes that took place as a result of translation are reflected in the problems and weights of artistic examples.