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An employee of the Institute of Literature delivered a paper at the international scientific conference "Source of Wisdom Mahtimgulu Faraqi"

29-05-2024 [ 11:25 ] [ read:69 ]
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Ashgabat hosted an international scientific conference dubbed "The source of wisdom Mahtimgulu Faraqi" at the Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts named after Mahtimgulu of the Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences.

Reputable scientists and cultural personalities from a number of nations, including Iraq, England, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and the United States of America, attended the conference.

At the international scientific conference, Docent Tohfa Talibova, Ph.D. in Philology, Head of the Scientific Publications and Forecasting Department of the ANAS Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature delivered a lecture.

The dissertation "Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan Literary Relations in the Years of Independence" was successfully defended by Tohfa Talibova in 2016. He added the findings from his dissertation to the outcomes from the previous years in a monograph that was released in 2023.

During her conference speech, T. Talibova, a renowned scholar on Mahtimgulu Faraqi, stated that the literary legacy of the renowned poet and thinker has been thoroughly examined in Azerbaijan. She also mentioned that his uncommon Divan, which was lithographed and published in Bukhara in 1814, was found in Azerbaijan and subsequently translated and published as a book in both Azerbaijani and Turkmen languages. He talked in-depth about the poet's literary legacy being published in Azerbaijani and the monographs and articles that were written specifically on him.

The literary scholar who addressed the conference's opening and closing sessions also participated in a live debate hosted by state television with prominent scientists and gave interviews to Turkmenistan's television networks.

The event attendees visited the State Library of Turkmenistan, the State Museum of the State Cultural Centre of Turkmenistan, and the recently constructed city of Arkadag, which is close to Ashgabat.