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Book "A Review on the Stories of Menzer Niyarly" by Zeyneb Yıldırım, a Doctoral student of Ege University published

23-01-2024 [ 12:34 ] [ read:58 ]
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Zeyneb Yıldırım, PhD student of the Ege University of Izmir, Turkey, has published a research book on the topic of "Menzer Niyarlın's Tales". The book is dedicated to the work of Manzar Niyarli, a well-known writer of Azerbaijan, a senior researcher of the Azerbaijan Literature Department of the Independence Period of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of ANAS. The editor of the book is Dr. Yilmaz Ozkaya. The book includes thirteen stories from the book "Selected Works" (2014) by Menzer Niyarli, one of the female writers of contemporary Azerbaijani literature, and an analysis of these stories.

The "Introduction" section contains some information on the evolution of the narrative genre in Azerbaijani literature. "The first part" provides information about Menzer Niyarli's life and career. Menzer Niyarli's thirteen stories were translated and studied in "The Second Chapter". The "Result" section provides a broad assessment of the evolution of the narrative genre in Azerbaijani literature, as well as Menzer Niyarly's works.