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"Ziyayi-Qafqaziyya" newspaper was transliterated and published as a book

09-01-2024 [ 13:05 ] [ read:86 ]
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The newspaper "Ziyayi-Qafqaziyya" (1880-1884) prepared by the Department of Press History and Journalism of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi was transliterated and published as a book for the first time. All issues of "Ziyayi-Qafqaziyya" were transphoneliterated by the late employee of the Department, Mushtaba Aliyev and published as a book by the dictionary, explanations and comments. The book was published by decision No. 1 of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Literature dated February 8, 2023.

The editor-in-chief of the book and the author of the foreword of "Ziyayi-Qafqaziyya" newspaper "Literary Institute Edition" is the President of ANAS, Academician Isa Habibbayli. The editor and editor of the publication is the head of the Department of Press History and Publicism, Doctor of Philology, Professor Vugar Ahmad.

The reviewers are Academician Teymur Karimli, Doctor of Philology, Professor Jahangir Mammadli and Doctor of Philology Elchin Mehraliyev.

Mushtaba Aliyev, a researcher at the Department of Press History and Publicism from 2014 to 2017, translated and printed the newspapers "Ziya" in 2013 and "Talimul atwal tehzibul molak" from Arabic to Latin script. Due to his death, the "Kashkül" newspaper remained unfinished.

The 1090-page book was published by "Science and Education" publishing house.