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Academician Kemal Talibzadeh ("Scientific passport of the artist - 42")

18-10-2023 [ 15:49 ] [ read:422 ]
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The book "Academic Kemal Talibzadeh" has published by ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi. The book was prepared according to the "Scientific Passport of the Artist - 42" series. The publication dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Academician Kamal Talibzadeh has published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Literature, dated June 1, 2023.

ANAS President, Academician Isa Habibbayli, in his "Foreword" to the book entitled "Patriarch of Literary-Critical Thought", highly appreciated the rich creativity of prominent Azerbaijani critic, Academician Kemal Talibzadeh.

The compiler of the book is the head of the Department of Literary Criticism, Doctor of Philology Vagif Yusifli and the editor is PhD in Philology Gurbat Mirzazadeh.

The book prepared by the staff of the Department of Literary Criticism of the Institute of Literature talks about the life and art path of Academician Kemal Talibzadeh. The book also includes various photos of the jubilee's life.

The book published by "Science and Education" publishing house has 288 pages. The editor-in-chief of the publication is Tohfa Talibova, PhD in Philology.