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"Secretly signed articles (1945-1946)" by Mir Jafar Peshavari - Rahim Aliyev

01-05-2023 [ 13:20 ] [ read:87 ]
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Mir Jafar Peshavari's book titeled "Secretly signed articles (1945-1946)" has published.

Mir Jafar Peshavari's book titeled  "Secretly signed articles (1945-1946)" has published by "Azerbaijan" newspaper with the idea authorship and compilation of Professor Rahim Aliyev, head of the South Azerbaijan Literature Department of ANAS Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature.

Rahim Aliyev, Doctor of Philology wrote a long "Foreword" to the book entitled "M.C. Peshavari in "Azerbaijan" newspaper or about the secret "Novruz" signature".

The editor of the book is Elmira Bagirova, senior researcher of that department. Hokuma Allahverdiyeva translated it from the Arabic alphabet, Ibrahim Guliyev Babek, Yedulla Kanani, Arif Ibrahimov, Hokuma Allahverdiyeva and Hasan Safar from the Persian alphabet.

The main articles in the new book are printed for the first time with the open signature of M.C. Peshavari. They were written in September-December 1945. Despite the fact that 80 years have passed since the articles in the book "Secretly signed articles" were written, they were not included in Peshavari's books of articles published in Baku in 1961 in the Arabic alphabet, in Cyrillic in 1984, and in Latin in 2016. Rahim Aliyev spoke in detail about the reasons for this in the "Foreword".

M.C. Peshavari has published many articles by "Azerbaijan" newspaper with different signatures. For the first time, this book includes translations of native and Persian articles published 80 years ago under the secret signature "Nowruz". The book also contains Peshavari's great and unknown research on Sh.M. Khiyabani.