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"Zahiraddin Muhammad Babur and Azerbaijan" international conference held

16-02-2021 [ 12:09 ] [ read:114 ]
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ANAS  Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi of and the Embassy of Uzbekistan jointly organized an online international scientific conference on "Zahiraddin Mohammad Babur and Azerbaijan".

The ambassadors of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to Azerbaijan also attended the conference dedicated to the 538th anniversary of the great Uzbek poet and statesman Zahiraddin Muhammad Babur.

Opening the event, ANAS vice-president, Director of ANAS Institute of Literature, Academician Isa Habibbayli noted that, joint events dedicated to literary and cultural events with Uzbekistan were held by Institute in recent days. Academician praised the celebration of Babur's jubilee after the conference "Nizami Ganjavi and Alisher Navai: tradition and innovation" as an important contribution to fraternal relations. He recalled that, a great work done by the Writers' Unions of the two countries and the Academies of Sciences, especially the Institute of Literature, in the development of literary relations between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. As an example of the work done at the Institute of Literature, Almaz Binnatova's book "The Age and Prose of Alisher Navoi", a special issue of the international scientific journal "Comparative Literary Studies" dedicated to Azerbaijani-Uzbek literary relations, the establishment of the Alisher Navoi Center for Literary Studies at the Institute of Literature, Ramiz Askerin He was awarded the diploma "Scientist of the Year" by the institute, the publication of a book about Magsud Sheykhzade, the signing of cooperation agreements with the universities of Karakalpak and Samarkand, etc. reminded Academician.

The Babur dynasty has left its mark on history. Babur is also a great poet. "Baburname" can be renamed "Uzbekname". Along with his lyrics, "Divan", like Alisher Navoi's "Divan", lives the power of Chagatai Turkish and is a gift to future generations. There are many perfect poets in the Turkic world who are statesmen. The literary factor gives wings to the power factor. Babur's power and creativity are the most obvious example of this, Isa Habibbayli said.

Academician also thanked the Afghan ambassador for attending the event and invited him to the Institute of Literature to establish literary cooperation.

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Azerbaijan Bahram Ashrafkhanov recalled his participation in the conference "Nizami Ganjavi and Alisher Navai: tradition and innovation" and expressed satisfaction with the celebration of the anniversary of M.Babur. He noted that the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyayev over the past four years has made great innovations in all areas, including science, literature and culture. Establishment of the Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature named after Alisher Navoi, erection of a large statue of Alisher Navoi in front of the university, especially the establishment of the Alisher Navoi Foundation and the Alisher Navoi Order within the 580 Days of Alisher Navoi, the birth of Zahiraddin Muhammad Babur 538 celebration of the anniversary, etc. Such literary and cultural events have caused the joy of intellectuals and researchers. Calling Babur an encyclopedic figure of his time, the ambassador spoke in detail on his military leadership, scholarship, great poetry, skillful diplomacy and patriotism. He noted that, Babur's Days have been held at a high level every year since Uzbekistan gained independence.

At the conference, Afghan Ambassador to Azerbaijan Amanullah Jeyhun called great people our common heritage. He said that, Babur is a bright star of our entire geography. Calling it a great honor to attend both conferences, the Afghan ambassador presented an article about Babur in English.

Nadir Khalbutayev, First Deputy Chairman of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan for Creative Affairs, called the Azerbaijani-Uzbek relations an example to the world. Mirza Ganjabey, a member of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan, said that Babur's six volumes had recently been published.

Then, Doctor of Philology Almaz Ulvi, Professors Hamidulla Baltobayev, Jabbar Ishankulov, Ramiz Asker, Dilaram Salahi Babur delivered reports on their work.

The event was attended by Doctors of Philology Pasha Karimov, Yashar Gasimbayli, Jalaleddin Jurayev, Basira Azizaliyeva and Khurram Rahimov, PhD in Philology Shahla Majidova, Obidakhan Fayzullayeva, Alisher Navoi Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature Senior researcher of the State University of Uzbek Language and Literature Gadir Ergashev, members of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan Abdurasul Jumagulov, Arif Haji and Rustamjan Ummatov delivered interesting reports on Babur's work.