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ANAS Institute of Literature held the first online meeting of the Scientific Council in 2021

02-02-2021 [ 12:48 ] [ read:64 ]
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ANAS Institute of Literature held the first online meeting of the Scientific Council in 2021. The meeting was attended by members of the council, heads of various departments of the Institute, as well as Yagub Deliomeroglu from Turkey, Daniya Zagidullina from Tatarstan, and Rashad Majid, Secretary of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan.

The scientific council was opened by the vice-president of ANAS, Director of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi, Academician Isa Habibbayli, who acquainted the participants with the current issues. Then,, Academician Isa Habibbayli noted that, both guests were awarded by the Institute for their contribution to the development of literary and cultural relations with the Turkic world and Azerbaijan. He stressed that, these awards will be presented in the Year of Victory of Azerbaijan. He added that, after that our relations will be further strengthened and the dedication of the May issue of "Brotherly Pens" journal to Azerbaijan will make a great contribution to cooperation. They expressed confidence that the work done in the field of propaganda of Nizami Ganjavi in Tatarstan will expand. Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, Academician Daniya Zagidullina was awarded the title of "Honorary Doctor" of the Institute for her great work in expanding relations between the countries of the Turkic world and the promotion of Azerbaijani literature and Yagub Daliomeroglu, the Institute's "Honorary Doctor" and the head of the Eurasian Writers' Union was awarded the title of "Honorary Friend" of the Institute for his valuable contributions to Azerbaijani literature in Turkey and the all-Turkic world.

Rashad Majid, EBU Secretary for Youth Affairs and Editor-in-Chief of the 525th Newspaper, congratulated both Academician Daniya Zagidullina and Yagub Deliomeroglu on their great achievements and praised the value given to them as a duty of loyalty. He added that Yagub Deliomeroglu was also awarded by the EBU. Highly appreciating the unprecedented work carried out by the Eurasian Writers' Union, Rashad Majid noted that, Yagub Deliomeroglu had a special contribution to the publication of books by more than 200 Azerbaijani authors in Turkey.

The guests expressed their gratitude for the great confidence shown. Yagub Deliomeroglu noted that, his book of stories was published in Azerbaijan for the first time before Turkey. He said, he was proud to receive such an award from a scientific institution named after Nizami Ganjavi in the "Year of Nizami Ganjavi".

Then, the head of the Department of Azerbaijani Literature of the Common Beginning and Renaissance, Doctor of Philology, Professor Imamverdi Hamidov was congratulated on his 80th anniversary and awarded the "Decree of Honor".

Gulnar Sema (Gasimli Gulnar Vagif gizi), a researcher at the Department of Press History and Publicism, a doctoral student at the Department of Literary Criticism was awarded the Young Scientist of the Year 2020 nomination.

The scientific secretary of the institute, PhD in Philology Mehman Hasanli informed that, the Institute's journal "Comparative Literature" is included in the "Copernicus" system, which is an international indexing database of scientific publications, and the "ASOS index" system in Turkey.

Other issues on the agenda include the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated January 5, 2021 on the proclamation of 2021 as the "Year of Nizami Ganjavi" and the tasks ahead, the plan-prospectus of the monograph "Karabakh literary environment", the staff of the Institute 2021 Discussion and approval of the comprehensive plan of scientific research works for the year, printing issues, etc. were discussed and approved.

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