Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi


Description of genocide in modern Azerbaijani novels - Salida Sharifova

The work that understands the essence of our national tragedy: "Bloody Arts" - Samira Karimova

Genocide of Azerbaijanis in fiction

About the national identity and homeland of medieval researchers Nizami Ganjavi - Tahmina Badalova

Victims of repression: Mr. Salman who received a gift from his friend - Gurban Bayramov

A theoretical view of the rhythmic function of tafila - Salida Sharifova

"they don‘t sing about bullets to a soldier, and about roses to beauty ..." (Akif Samad‘s creation) - Aygun Bagyrli

Shusha in the messenger‘s texts: from romance to Zafar reality - Elnara Akimova

A piece of paper or a life melting abroad - Gunay Garayeva

The place of "Iz" in human destinies (genre features, problematics, images and artistic language of the work) - Salida Sharifova

In the magic of Anar‘s female characters (People‘s writer Anar-85) - Zakira Aliyeva

Literary space and realities of Anar - Academician Isa Habibbeyli

Heydar Aliyev - Tehran Alishanoglu in Anar‘s "Unforgettable meetings".

The peak of life - Elnara Akimova

Agil Abbas‘s 70th anniversary... and a new story - Vagif Yusifli

Shusha in Anar‘s works - as reliable memory texts - Elnara Akimova

The prominent figure of national literary studies - on "Selected Works" by Süleyman Tekinar - Abid Tahirli

Hajibeylis - Second post - Matanat Vahid

Motherland be happy! - Elchin Mehraliyev

Selected signatures in South Azerbaijani literature - Nigar Khiyavi - Esmira Fuad

A worthy manifestation of the scientific mission, or service to the strengthening of spiritual and literary-cultural relations

A study distinguished by its novelty and originality - Yavuz Akpınar

Ilham Aziz‘s story "Elvira": from a domestic story to a human drama - Elnara Akimova

Shams Tabrizi and his artistic understanding of the world of meanings - Badirkhan Ahmadli

Karabakh in the works by Yashar Garayev: historical - spiritual memory - Lala Hasanova

"Carvan" - a musical desert story - about Soltan Hajibeyov - Matanat Vahid

Rafail Taghizadeh‘s "Garabaghname" - Vagif Yusifli

Ilham Mammadli-60: Pure as water - Shirindil Alyshanli

People from the White World - Dilara Adilgil

The book "Amir Alishir" by Shohrat Siraceddinov, an eminent Navai scholar - Almaz Ulvi