Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi


Who killed Nasib Bey Yusifbeyli? - Abid Tahirli

Asif Rustamli, a follower of science who discovered a path to hearts. - Solmaz Hayatova

The sacred duty of the pen - Badirkhan Ahmadli

Yusif Samadoglu‘s novel "Day of Murder" and Azerbaijani literature - Elnara Garagozova

The scene of literature - Javanshir Yusifli

Ideas of national independence in the work of Jalil Mammadguluzade - Gulbeniz Babayeva

The fundamental megaphase of life or the Human Theater as a stage of the Universe Theater - Rahid Ulusel

Muhammad Amin Rasulzade‘s article commemorating Atatürk‘s death

Loss - Pasha Karimov‘s 65th birthday - Vagif Yusifli

Contribution to the patriotism of the new generation - Ilhama Agazade

Tofik Mahmud: the "culprit" of good actions - Elnara Akimova

Elchin craftsmanship: intricacies, themes, and creative excellence--Dilara Adilgil

Phenomenon of Ata Tarzibashi in written and oral literature - Gazanfar Pashayev

Nizami Ganjavi‘s concept of mercy - social state - Sirajeddin Haji

Poet, scientist, citizen - writes about Shirindil Alyshanli Gasim Gasimzadeh

Vilayat Guliyev on Asif Rustamli‘s path to success

Author‘s voice - Javanshir Yusifli

"I moan, my luck moans..." - Salah Novres‘ poetry, delivered by Gazanfar Pashayev

Poems of Pakistani Sufi poet Sultan Bahun - presented by Badirkhan Ahmadli

Colours that talk in "Dumb Ships" - poetry in the past continuous tense - Matanat Vahid

The story "Bird of Paradise" by Mirza Bala Mahammadzadeh - presented by Asif Rustamli

Vagif Yusifli‘s perspective on Nurangiz Gün‘s innovation - Elnara Garagözova

Look at the night sky. All the stars shall blossom... – Elnara Akimova

Levels, surroundings, and Akhundzade‘s Alchemist... - Javanshir Yusifli

Nizami Ganjavi, Samad Vurgun and Kemal Talibzade! - Alimukhtar Mukhtarov

The place of consciousness of our integrity (regarding Manzar Niyarly‘s work)- Alizade Askerli

Iqbal Nehmet - poet living in the mountains - Vagif Yusifli

"Karabakh - from longing to victory" - Aygun Bagırli

History and contemporary road map of the national movement - Badirkhan Ahmadli

Chingiz Aytmatov-95: The God Mountain of Literature - Academician Isa Habibbayli