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Presentation of publications dedicated to the life and creativity of Nurangiz Gün

26-12-2023 [ 12:35 ] [ read:447 ]
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Publications dedicated to the life and creativity of Nurangiz Gunun were presented.

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the late Nurangiz Gun, a brilliant name of modern Azerbaijani literature, the Writers' Union held an event called "Nurangiz Gun 85 - Presentation of publications dedicated to the life and work of the writer".

At the event, the essay-monography "Messenger of the Sun" dedicated to Nurengiz Gun by the doctor of technical and philological sciences, poet-publicist Elchin Iskanderzade, dedicated to the poet by the joint initiative of the Translation Center headed by poet-translator Selim Babullaoğlu and "Temrin" magazine, a well-known literary and art collection of Turkey, was presented at the event. special issue, the winners of the "Nurangiz Gun International Award" competition founded by Hasan Bey Zardabi Heritage Center, as well as the anthology of Nurangiz Gun's poems published in foreign countries and the books "Genocide of Roses" written by poet Mashallah Maftun about Nurangiz Gun, were presented to a wide readership.

Opening the event, Selim Babullaoglu Nurangiz Günun drew attention to the fact that Gunun is an outstanding poet who occupies a special place in modern poetry and will live forever in the history of literature with his poems and all his creativity. Salim Babullaoglu spoke about the publications dedicated to Nurengiz Gun, and spoke about the importance of each of these publications in terms of recognition and promotion of Nurengiz Gun's creativity and personality in a larger area.

Chairman of the Union of Writers, people's writer Anar Nurangiz told his memories about Gun, talked about the features of his unique and unique creativity, and said that his absence is a loss of literature.

Elchin Iskanderzade Nurangiz, the author of the essay-monography "Messenger of the Sun", talked about the special place and services of Nurangiz Gun in Azerbaijani literature, the reasons for writing the essay-monography, and his great love and respect for the poetess.

Academician Teymur Karimli, deputy Arzu Nagiyev, professor Vagif Yusifli, literary critic, deputy editor-in-chief of "Azerbaijan" magazine Asad Jahangir, editor-in-chief of "Gobustan" magazine, writer Parvin, doctor of philology Bahar Bardali, "Zardabi Nashr" publications spoke at the event. director of the house Elman Gasimov, doctor of philosophy in history, Dilara Nagiyeva, granddaughter of millionaire Agamusa Nagiyev, poetess Alamzar Sadiqgizi, Naringul Nadir and others said that the presented publications have the character of detailed information-sources about the life and creativity of the writer, young researchers who will conduct research on Nurangiz Gun. they said that it is a valuable resource for scientists. The speakers talked about the spiritual value of the works of the poetess, which she gave to our literature, the love of motherland, land, home, people, nature, and mother instilled in these works, and talked about her secular poems that appeal to humanity. The speakers emphasized the importance of researching Nurangiz Gunn's creativity in a wider and more comprehensive way, on scientific grounds.

After the speech, Jala Aliyeva, daughter of the poetess, doctor of philological sciences, deputy, expressed her gratitude to the authors of the book and the Union of Writers for their tribute to her mother.