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Literary scholar Marziyya Najafova participated in the international symposium on "International Tradition of Ashug Veysel"

04-04-2024 [ 13:37 ] [ read:60 ]
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Marziyya Najafova, a Doctor of Philological Sciences, delivered a paper at the "The 1st International Tradition of Love in Science, Art and Society, Ashug Veysel" symposium, which commemorated Ashug Veysel Shatıroğlu 51 years after his death.


The symposium's inaugural programme was attended by Omar Faruk Belviranli, General Director of Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, leaders of universities in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan, academics, lovers, and students.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Öcal Oguz, Chairman of the UNESCO Turkey National Commission, thanked everyone on the "International Novruz Day" established by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in 2010. He also mentioned that "2023 is UNESCO's year of Ashug Veysal." In his announcement, Oguz mentioned certain integration challenges with Ashug Veysal. Today, March 21, is the Novruz festival, which friends remember. Let me call it a wonderful coincidence again. He died. The date is March 21. At the same time, he is a poet. That is, the UN and UNESCO have recognised March 21 as Poetry Day. Another day associated with this is March 21, which is also known as Poet's Day. The International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination."

The symposium, which featured panels and other activities and was attended by individuals from five nations, concluded on Saturday, March 23.