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Monograph by Badirkhan Ahmadli "Prose of Nariman Andulrahmanli: the unity of historicity and modernity"

23-06-2023 [ 11:34 ] [ read:117 ]
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The monograph "Nariman Andulrahmanli's Prose: The Unity of Historicity and Modernity" by eminent literary critic-scientist, head of ANAS Department of Institute of Literature, Doctor of Philology, Professor Badirkhan Ahmadli has been published.

The monograph examines the work by the well-known representative of contemporary prose Nariman Abdulrahmanli.

The researcher explores the writer's creative evolution, stories, narratives and novels in the context of modern literary thought, in the past-present-future triangle, reviews the idea, structure and images of his works, and determines his place in Azerbaijani literature, as well as in our literature of the period of independence.