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Azerbaijan Newspaper. 1918-1920

14-03-2023 [ 14:43 ] [ read:67 ]
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With the initiative and support of ADA University, the entire collection of "Azerbaijan" newspaper (1918-1920), which is an organ of the Government of the People's Republic of Azerbaijan, is being transferred from the Arabic alphabet to the modern Azerbaijani alphabet with the Latin alphabet, and the dictionary, explanations, comments and name index are being prepared and updated. It should be noted with regret that although there are separate initiatives in this direction (the works of the late Professor Shirmammad Huseynov should be especially remembered), a work of this level, which will ensure that such an important publication as "Azerbaijan" newspaper is accessible to the modern reader, is alive in the 30-year period of independence. has not been held. The materials in "Azerbaijan" newspaper reflect the direct history of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the pages of the newspaper, the decisions of the Government of Azerbaijan, the speeches of the members of the Parliament, the details of the events in the capital and the regions, various analyses, memories were reflected. The materials on Karabakh and Zangezur regions, which are of special importance today, will be of great interest to readers. Thus, the relations of the Republic of Azerbaijan with foreign countries, the atmosphere of the time are reflected in detail on the pages of the newspaper. In general, the transliteration of this newspaper will open a new page in the historiography of the Republic of Azerbaijan and will be an important stimulus for future research. Between September 15, 1918 and April 28, 1920, 443 issues of "Azerbaijan" newspaper, the first four issues of which were published in Ganja, and the subsequent issues in Baku, were published. The editors of the newspaper at different times were Jeyhun bey Hajibeyli, Shafi bey Rustambeyli, Uzeyir bey Hajibeyli and "AZERBAYCHAN" NEWSPAPER Vol. I Khalil Ibrahim. Although the newspaper is mostly published in the volume of 4 pages, the number of pages in some issues shows a difference. The number of columns on each page and the size of the pages have changed several times during the 19 and a half months of publication of the newspaper. Copies of the "Azerbaycan" newspaper are kept in retail form in the National Archives Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State Archives of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Political Documents Archive of the Affairs Department of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Institute of Manuscripts named after Mohammad Fuzuli, and the National Library of Azerbaijan. The fact that the newspaper is accessible to modern readers is very important in terms of studying the rich page of our history, such as the Republic period. ADA University is proud to contribute to preserving the historical heritage of the Azerbaijani people and passing it on to future generations.

Hafiz Pashayev,

Rector of ADA University