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Kazakh poet Abay‘s collection published in Azerbaijani

19-11-2020 [ 15:20 ] [ read:44 ]
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The International Foundation after Mahmud Kashgari has published a book in the IRS series of all poems, verses and translations by the great Kazakh poet Abay into Azerbaijani. Translations by Elkhan Zal Garakhan and Ibrahim Ilyasli.

The author of the foreword "The star of the Kazakh people" is the chairman of the Culture Committee of the Milli Majlis Ganira Pashayeva. The reviewer and the author of the article "On the publication of Abay's works in Azerbaijan" is Doctor of Philology, Professor Knyaz Mirzayev. The advisors of the college are professors Sabit Dosanov and Imdat Avshar, the editors are Akbar Goshali and Afgan Nasirli.

The editorial staff are Anar, Isa Habibbayli, Sabit Dosanov, Nizami Jafarov, Adil Aliyev, Ganira Pashayeva, Fazil Mustafa, Knyaz Mirzayev, Ulugbek Esdaulet, Elkhan Zal, Akberen Elgezek, Gunay Efendiyeva, Azer Turan, Ibrahim Ilyasli, Khayal Rza, Arzu Bagi Includes Eyvazli and Gulnar Sema.

The first pages of the book, published by CBS-PP, include Professor Akylbek Shayakhmet's study "The Fate of Abay in Translations". The "First Book" section of the 448-page publication includes "Poems and Poems", "Poems Found in Recent Years", "Poetic Epics" and "Black Books" in the "Book of the Second Book" section.

Books by Kazakh authors such as Nursultan Nazarbayev, Oljas Suleymenov, Sabit Dosanov, Berik Shakhanov from the IRS series headed by Elkhan Zal Garakhan have also been published. The book also features the logos of the Eurasian Institute for International Studies and the Regional and Economic Awareness Public Union.