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Bibliography of Azerbaijani literary studies during the period of scientific independence (1991–2023)

18-04-2024 [ 12:47 ] [ read:59 ]
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ANAS Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature publeshed the bibliography on "Azerbaijan literary studies in the years of scientific independence (1991-2023)".  A list of dissertations, books that have been published, and monographs that have been defended at this centre of knowledge during the years of independence are included in the publication. By decree No. 1 of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Literature, issued February 8, 2023, the book was published. The book's editor is Aygun Baghirli, an associate professor with a PhD in Philology and scientific secretary of the Institute of Literature, while the book's president and scientific adviser is academician Isa Habibbayli. compiled by Sona Ibrahimova, special editor, and Zakira Aliyeva, Ph.D., associate professor and head of the department of electronic services.

The 578 pages of the collection were produced by the "Science and Education" publishing business. The book that reads, "Bibliographic review of the modern development of the science of literary studies" is available in Turkish, English, and Russian in addition to Azerbaijani.