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Elnara Garagozova. Yusif Samadoglu‘s life and work

05-03-2024 [ 11:10 ] [ read:47 ]
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The fifth book in number - the monograph "Life and creativity of Yusif Samadoglu" by the leading researcher of the "Literary Criticism" department of the Institute of Literature named after ANAS Nizami Ganjavi, doctor of philosophy in philology, associate professor Elnara Garagözova was published. The book, which is the 48th edition of the "Scientific passport of the artist" series, was published by decision No. 6 of the meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Literature on December 5, 2023.

Academician Isa Habibbayli, ANAS President serves as the book's scientific editor. The reviewers are Vagif Yusifli, Doctor of Philological Sciences, and Lala Hasanova, Doctor of Philosophy in Philology.

The monograph is dedicated to the life and work of Yusif Samadoglu, one of Azerbaijani literature's distinctive signatures and one of Samad Vurgun's genetic and literary heirs. The monograph, divided into sections titled "Yusif Samadoglu's life," "Yusif Samadoglu's creativity and Azerbaijani prose," "Yusif Samadoglu's story creation," "Archetypal moments in Yusif Samadoglu's novels," and "Yusif Samadoglu's creativity in literary criticism," offers a fresh perspective on the writer's life and creativity.

The monograph issued by the "Khan" publishing firm contains 132 pages.