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Salida Sharifova. The first Azerbaijani novels

24-10-2023 [ 14:28 ] [ read:51 ]
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A new edition of the study of the first Azerbaijani novels

The monograph entiled "First Azerbaijan Novels" by Salida Sharifova, Doctor of Philology, senior researcher of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of ANAS which was first published in Cyrillic script in 1988 by "Elm" publishing house has been republished with corrections added.

The monograph recommended for publication by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Literature consists of "Foreword", three chapters, conclusions and a list of references. Reviewers of the monograph are Doctors of Philology Akif Huseynli and Vagif Yusifli.

The monograph is important as a systematic scientific-research work, that studies the emergence of the first Azerbaijani novels, examples of the first novels in traditional prose genres, and the first Azerbaijani novels of a new type. In the monograph, the history of the formation and development of Azerbaijani novels, as well as their unique national features, are clarified. The sources of the Azerbaijani novel, examples of the first novels, the first Azerbaijani novels of a new type are investigated. Theme, plot, composition, image, character, genre, language, style, etc. of the first Azerbaijani novels. issues are considered. The comprehensive examination of novel examples written by M.F.Akhundzade, M.Talıbov, Z.Marağali, N.Narimanov, Y.V.Chamanzaminli, A.Shaig, M.S.Ordubadi, S.M.Genizadeh and other prominent artists in the monograph provides conditions for a better study of the creative activity of our classical writers in literary genres.

Despite the fact that “The Book of Ahmed” and “The Journey of Ibrahimbay” are written in Persian, the monograph is also assessed as the novels of the literature of Southern and Northern Azerbaijan, written in our native language, as “small novels” (N. Narimanov) and summarizes initiatives to creating new types of novels.

The monograph is a valuable research material in the field of a more comprehensive study of the problems of literary prose and novels in the future in a theoretical manner and is a useful tool in the teaching of Azerbaijani literature of the 19th-20th centuries.