Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi

Dissertation council. Dissertations

Fikrat Ahmadov. Bulud Garachurlu Sahand‘s life and activity

Mythological motivation in Azerbaijan and American prose in 1960-1980s (on the basis of Y.Samedoglu‘‘s "Day of Murder" and J.Updike‘s "Centaur" novels)

Azerbaijan-UK literary relations in the period of independence: ED 1.05-Meeting of the scientific seminar of the Dissertation Council

Bakir Nabiyev‘s scientific and literary heritage: ED 1.05-Meeting of the scientific seminar of the Dissertation Council

Sergey Yesen‘s activity in the literary and artistic context of Azerbaijan and the East: PhD dissertation

Gazi Burhanaddin‘s "Divan" artistic features: PhD in Philology

Khagani Shirvani‘s Arabic-language creativity: Dissertation for PhD

M.F.Akhundzade: environment, relations with contenporaries and new type literary works

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Sona Valiyeva. Defense of doctoral dissertation

The poetics of Hussein Javid‘s literary heritage=>

Marziyya Najafova. Karabakh in contemporary Azerbaijani poetry: discussion of doctoral thesis

Epic poem genre of XX century Southern Azerbaijan literature: development stages and problems: defence of doctoral thesis

Allegory in classical Azerbaijani literature (XII-XVI centuries): defence of doctoral thesis

South topic in artisitc prose of Mirza Ibrahimov-defence of thesis

Gasim Bey Zakir: Life, environment, contemporaries: defence of doctoral thesis

Novel genre in contemporary Azerbaijani and German literature (1980-2005)- defence of thesis

Defence of the thesis "Artistic reflection of the tale subject in XX century Azerbaijani literature"

Salida Sharifova. Scientific-investigations-2016