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Gunel Ahmadova received "Young Scientist of the Year"

02-02-2024 [ 12:42 ] [ read:162 ]
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Gunel Ahmadova, a PhD student at ANAS' Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature specializing in "Literary Theory, Literary Analysis, and Criticism," awarded the "Young Scientist of the Year" for her excellent contributions to the Academy's social and scientific life. The award ceremony was co-organized by the ANAS Presidium and the ANAS Council of Young Scientists and Specialists during an event commemorating February 2nd, Azerbaijan Youth Day.

Gunel Ahmadova was admitted to doctoral studies at ANAS's Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi in 2021, with a degree in "Literary theory, literary analysis, and criticism," and began working in the Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi's Department of Literary Theory that same year. He has written one book and around 30 scientific articles and conference materials. He has attended several scientific conferences in the Republic and abroad, and his publications have appeared in major scientific journals. The doctorate student's scientific supervisor is professor Tahira Mammad, a doctor of philology.

Gunel Ahmadova is now working on and is about to complete her dissertation on "Organization and typology of the feuilleton genre in Azerbaijani literature". He investigated themes such as the characteristics of the column genre, its relevance as a press genre, and the typology of the column genre in Azerbaijani literature, resulting in a number of scholarly advances. His articles "Feuilleton in the context of journalistic and literary texts" and "The importance of laughter in literature and feuilletons" were both published in international journals on the Web of Science and Index Copernicus databases, respectively. Because of his scientific achievements, a story about him appeared in the "Azerbaijan" newspaper.

In 2021, she won first place in the essay competition "Creation of Nizami Ganjavi: moral values and patriotism" held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as "Dear Shusha, you are free!" organized by the Ministry of Education's Child and Youth Development Centre. In 2022, he won second place in the worldwide creative competition "Galib Azerbaijani people!" held by the Davam Youth Movement. He also finished third in the essay competition.