Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi


Manzar Niyarli. M.A. Rasulzadeh, the founder of the republic (about the book "Azerbaijan until the last breath" by Vugar Ahmed)

Aynura Pashayeva. Congratulate you on 95th birthday, "Azerbaijan" journal!

Academic Isa Habibbayli. From socialist realism to national independence

Badirkhan Ahmadov. Novel that sheds light to the past of Turkish

Nizami Taghisoy. Coeval of quarter of the century or sample mision of "525-th newspaper"

Badirkhan Ahmadov. Azerbaijan-China literary relations in Iron Silk Way

Academic Isa Habibbayli. Enlightenment and realism

Gazanfar Pashayev. Heydar Aliyev and national-moral values

Alizadeh Askarli. About "Literary relations" collection in 2017

Tehran Alishanoghlu. Incomplete thought about Elnara Akimova

Badirkhan Ahmadov. Badano Elizbar Javelidze!

Academic Isa Habibbayli. Literature policy and contemporary period in Haydar Aliyev's state practice

Vagif Yusifli. "National-moral self-cognition in Ali Ildirimoghlu's creativity”

Academic Isa Habibbayli. Epoch of mother-tongue literature: From Hasanoghlu to Fuzuli

Academic Isa Habibbayli. From total begining to the national literature and world scale

Vagif Yusifli. My favourite newspaper - "525"-25

Alkhan Bayramoghlu. "525-th newspaper" in national press space- "525"-25

Tehran Alishanoghlu. "Artistic 525" and editor Rashad Majid - "525"-25

Academic Isa Habibbayli. From ethnos to epos

Academic Isa Habibbayli. Different personality in realist narrations

Academic Isa Habibbayli. Common written literature stage

Lala Hasanova. Aydin Talibzadeh “Model of butterfly 102”: Fail of patriarchal thought

Academic Isa Habibbayli. New Azerbaijan Party: From Heydar Aliyev to Ilham Aliyev

Manzar Niyarli. Prose of Bahar Bardali

Vugar Ahmad. Prominent literary critic, scientist Isa Habibbayli

Isa Habibbayli. Example for the talented nobility

Isa Habibbayli. Dram work of academic Mammad Jafar Jafarov “Get out, you are still betrayer”

Shirindil Alishanli. Samad Vurghun art in the context of contemporary literary-social realities

Vafa Hajiyeva. The Quran, Poetical structure of Quran texts (On the basis of Nizami Genjevi's poems)

Vafa Hajiyeva. The Quran, Poetical structure of Quran texts (On the basis of Nizami Genjevi's poems)