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The fate of the lonely steppe - in the poetic interpretation of Rashad Majid - Nizami Tagisoy

08-04-2022 [ 11:52 ] [ read:145 ]
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In this article, I will talk more about Rashad Majid not as a publicist or journalist, but as a poet and poetic thinker.


There is a term in literary criticism and musicology called "genre diffusion". This term has come up more often in recent times. The term we use today is more pronounced in art, music and the fine arts. When we talk about the work of Rashad Majid, whose works we want to analyze, we are more inclined to consider the range of his works in the context of genre diffusion.

Artists such as Rashad Majid also prefer to present them in a unique tone, conducting free artistic and poetic operations in genre forms. In this case, the historical and distinctive features of each genre are gradually modeled. This, of course, also appears as a creative requirement of the epoch. And it seems that the study of this issue in Azerbaijani literary criticism will increasingly occupy theoretical thinking. Because in the cases we will discuss below, this type of diffusion is clearly reflected in the genre diversity of the texts included in Rashad Majid's book "September 10".

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