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Chingiz Abdullayev is the Conan Doyle of XXI century- Elnara Garagozova

08-04-2022 [ 11:14 ] [ read:107 ]
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The first point we will mention when talking about the Azerbaijani literature of the independence period is that the literature of this period is fundamentally different from the previous stages. Gaining freedom, independence, sacrifices on this path, the tragedies of January 20 and Khojaly, the pains of the First Karabakh War, the hardships of the transition period, economic and cultural construction, steps to reach the world scale as a sovereign state, the victory of the 44-day Patriotic War identifies. When we look at the Azerbaijani literature of the period of independence in a complex way, we can group the main lines traced in the literary texts as follows

* A reflection of the process of gaining independence after 70 years of slavery, a new historical period;

* Artistic solution of Karabakh pains, notes of war, patriotism and victory;

* Emergence of new literary tendencies and currents in Azerbaijan variations;

* Establishing links with national folklore, ethnic roots and classical literature through modern multi-layered texts;

* Realization of the historical past through the literary text and return to the ancestral;

* Intensive development of the detective genre in the conditions of pluralism and the formation of national variation of the genre.

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