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The great leader and Karabakh in the memoirs of the period of independence

08-06-2023 [ 16:11 ] [ read:195 ]
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In Azerbaijani literature, memoirs first appeared in the works of individual authors, poets' praises, eulogies, eulogies, and laments in the form of small notes about their own lives and the lives and activities of others, especially their contemporaries. ​

This type of information is more common in tazkiras, which are collections of literature. It is worth noting that the autobiographical poetry form of Azerbaijani ashiq art also has an autobiographical character, where all periods of the author's life are reflected.

One of the most famous memoirs in Azerbaijani literature is "My Memory" by Jalil Mammadguluzade. This work is a clear example of the transition from the diary genre to the memoir genre in Azerbaijani literature. Unlike a diary, which contains ambiguous, personal notes, the author of the memoir writes taking into account that the events will be read by others, and this requires special skills from the author who tries his pen in that genre. The author of a memoir should vividly express his memories and real events, as well as, taking into account that the work will be publicized, he should free it from unnecessary emotions and strokes.

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  Elnara Garagozova

PhD in Philology, leading researcher, associate professor

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