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Epic poem genre of XX century Southern Azerbaijan literature: development stages and problems: defence of doctoral thesis

29-03-2018 [ 09:30 ] [ read:289 ]
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                        Esmira Seyfel gizi Shukurova

                               Epic poem genre of XX century Southern Azerbaijan literature: development stages and problems


  The dissertation examines actual problems of the development of the South Azerbaijan literature in XX century.  Dissertation consists of introduction, four chapters and conclusion. In the first chapter of dissertation named as “Research issues and formation of epic poem genre in Southern Azerbaijan literature” consisits of four semi chapters. In the first semi chapter entitled "Stages of the formation and development of the genre of the epic poem", for the first time in all Azerbaijan literary studies, the development stages of epic poem genre in 20th century Southern Azerbaijan are observed, comprehensive literary materials have been classified and systematized. 

  In the second semi chapter of first chapter called “Originality of folklore and its manifestation forms” the origins of the national identity in epic poems which are emerged in Southern Azerbaijan are sought in the narrative novel and folklore relations, the main source of the epic poem genre was coordinated.

  In the third semi chapter “The influence of classical poetry on epic poem genre creation” for the first time on the basis of concrete samples the fact of development of epic poem genre which derived benefit from classical literature has been investigated. In the fourth semi chapter called “From the history of the genre” a number of research works have been included in the study.

  In the second chapter named as “New inclinations and tendencies in the development of the epic poem genre” works written at the beginning of XX century in the period of Reza Shah’s despotism and World War II have been scrutinized, besides a number of works by M.Eshqi, M.Hidachi, M.M.Etimad, M.Ganizade, H.Nasiri and venerable Shahriyar have been analyzed.

  Some issues like “The unity of the tradition and innovation”, “Idea-content features”, “New poetry traditions: manifestation of modernism”, “Historicity and modernity”, “Subject field:traditional images in the context of new content” have been clarified under the same titles in the third chapter named as “Tradition and modernity in epic poems”.

  The fourth chapter entitled "The poetic system of the epic poem of Southern Azerbaijan" which consists of four sections was dedicated to the genre classification of epic poems and questions of imagery in them.

       In the conclusion scientific findings in the dissertation work have been summarized.