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Nizami Ganjavi - 880

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New scientific research on Nizami Ganjavi - Nushaba Arasli, Zahra Allahverdiyeva

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Nizami Ganjavi Year - 2021: full text database

Tahmina Badalova deklivered a paper on Nizami Ganjavi‘s work in Kharkov

Nizami Ganjavi - 880: Special issue of "Adabiyyat Gazeti"

Nizami Ganjavi issue of "Brotherly Pens" addressed to the Turkic world - Tahmina Badalova

"The facts prove that Nizami Ganjavi is a Turk by nationality, both on the paternal and maternal side"

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The monograph "Nizami Ganjavi: life and creativity" is under completion

Nizami Ganjavi: “There is no more courage than justice"- Takhmina Badalova

At the International Conference in Ukraine a report on "Nizami Ganjavi‘s genealogy and literary heritage" delivered

The next lesson was held within the project "Nizami lessons: Strength is in science"

Within the framework of the "Summer School" a lecture on "Creativity of Nizami Ganjavi" delivered to students

Quote by Nizami Ganjavi - Academician Isa Habibbayli

Images by Nizami - Tahmina Badalova

Nizami Ganjavi in the theoretical and aesthetic ideals of Samed Vurgun-Aygun Bagirli

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