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27-11-2023 [ 12:15 ] [ read:44 ]
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Izzeddin Hasanoglu is an outstanding Azerbaijani poet who lived in the 13th century, and whose works are well-known and widely read, from the Kipchak steppes to Egypt, from Azerbaijan to Turkestan. Only three of his ghazals were known so far. The teacher of Baku Eurasia University, PhD in philology, associate professor Seyfeddin Altayli obtained a 367-page manuscript of the poet and after working on it for more than four years, published it in Altınordu Publications in Ankara.

The manuscript, according to the Turkish researcher is 367 pages long. The book depicts Hazrat Ali's trials and wars from the Prophet Muhammad's birth until the capture of Mecca. A scribe called Hasan ukrü replicated the face of Izzeddin Hasanoglu's manuscript "Kitabi-siratun-nabi" in Istanbul in 1802 - 500 years after the poet's death.
This fact alone demonstrates Hasanoglu's greatness as a poet.

The manuscript was discovered in Finland by Ilhan imsek, a close friend of the author, and acquired and presented to the Turkish Language Institute. Seyfeddin Altaili also released a 940-page book based on this material. The work features 10 separate ghazals. Nine of them are told in the language of visuals. The poet writes in verse 12388 of the ghazal Alhamdulillah, which is mentioned at the end of the book:

"Hasanoglu became a hundred in this official dress turab al-hamdu lil-lah," he added as he gave his name.

With a 107-page preface, the book gives wholly fresh material on the Kubraviyya sect, to which Hasanoglu belongs, its sheikhs Ahmed Zakir and Sadeddin Hammuya, as well as the poet's life and Isferayin, where his tomb has been a shrine for hundreds of years. The author has created a dictionary and a dictionary of names, as well as explanations for difficult-to-understand terms and old Turkish words.

The book is already on the market in Turkey and has sparked a lot of curiosity.

Seyfeddin Altayli, a Turkish scientist, is widely known in Azerbaijan. His three-volume Azerbaijani Turkish dictionary is a remarkable addition to our languages. Seyfeddin Altayli has been teaching Turkic peoples literature, Anatolian Turkish literature, mythology, and history since 2015.