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Karabakh is Azerbaijan!: a collection of articles

07-04-2023 [ 14:56 ] [ read:32 ]
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Akimova Elnara. Balls of Victory were thrown from the mountains
Akimova Elnara. Children killed by Armenians
Akimova Elnara. The call to prayer in Shusha
Akimova Elnara. Only for Karabakh

Babayeva Eshgana. Karabakh pearl of literature

Babayeva Gulbeniz. Golden pages of history are being written with our rightful war

Bagirli Aygun. Happy ugly life Azerbaijan!
Bagirli Aygun. Wonderful and pure Shusha
Bagirli Aygun. Azerbaijan army deserves victory!

Bekirgizi Parvanah. Armenian barbarism against our cultural values
Bekirgizi Parvanah. The summer months of my childhood. ..Karabakh
Alishanoglu Tehran. The opportunity of history
Aliyeva Zakira. The literary institute is happy with the victory, waiting for the victory
Aliyeva Zakira. With a heart full of song in the war of the homeland
Aliyeva Zakira. "I cannot live without Karabakh" - Efendiyevs whose dreams are China

Alizade Askerli. The Motherland, which was born from the zeal of a man in a professional fight, at the trench
Dear Basira. Messages of support to Azerbaijan from the Muslim Institute of Pakistan
Gulnar Sama. The pride of speaking about the victorious warrior of Murov battles
Habibbeyli Jesus. A poem of the celebration of wholeness and the warm traces of victory
Habibbeyli Jesus. We do not need the support of a faceless "writer" like Elif Shafaq
Habibbeyli Jesus. Armenian terrorism should be evaluated by its own name
Habibbeyli Jesus. Work has been started to return Azerbaijani names to Armenianized toponyms
Habibbeyli Jesus. Victory parade is a rare historical event of our heroic annals
Habibbeyli Jesus. Muhammad Fuzuli's soul reached the land of dogma
Habibbeyli Jesus. A great victory of the Muzaffar Ali Bash team
Habibbeyli Jesus. The moral support of Turkey, the word of a reliable brother
Habibbeyli Jesus. Historical victory in the Patriotic War - from Heydar Aliyev to Ilham Aliyev
Hasanli Mehman. A month equal to a century
Khalilova Aynur. Aynur Khalilova. Bridge leading to Khudafarin-Great Victory
Garagozova Elanare. Towards Karabakh
Mohammad Tahira. Mohammad Tahira. Karabakh War: Our Word and Ourselves
Najafova Marziyya. The image of the national hero Shirin Mirzayev in Azerbaijani poetry
Najafova Marziyya. Mubariz Ibrahimov, leader of Azerbaijani martyrs
Najafova Marziyya. The address of martyrdom is eternity
Najafova Marziyya. The Commander-in-Chief of our poetry
Najafova Marziyya. Those who became the homeland and became the homeland
Nizameddingyzi Fidan Orphan toys
Pashayev Gazanfar. Savior
Pashayev Gazanfar. Revenge did not end
Samir Sattarov. "chasing the dog" is the skill of the Azerbaijani army
Samir Sattarov. The terrorist policy of the terrorist state
Shusha literary assemblies: function and mission
Yusifli Javanshir. The case of war and literature
Yusifli Vagif. Hope is a document, but an Azerbaijani soldier!