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Professor Tahira Mammad attended the 5th International Congress of Turkish Writers in Ankara

10-11-2023 [ 18:24 ] [ read:29 ]
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Professor Tahira Mammad, head of the Literary Theory Department of ANAS Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi attended the 5th International Congress of Turkish Writers.

100 representatives from 19 countries participated in the 5th International Turkish Writers Congress held in Ankara on November 6-8. The participation of 100 representatives was determined in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. The following issues were discussed in the congress agenda:

- Common language, alphabet in the Turkic world
- Thought of unity and equality in education, culture, art and literature in the Turkish world
- Copyright problems in the Turkish world
- Common library, reading culture, common language publications and translation issues in the Turkic world
- Common literature of the Turkic world, comparative literature, literary genres, cooperation of writer universities and institutions and other studies.

5 working groups consisting of 20 people were formed on the discussed problems and proposals were put forward, discussed and decisions were made at the 2-day meetings of the working groups. At the end of the congress, all proposals were put to the vote and motions were accepted to be presented to the relevant state institutions and embassies.
Our people's writer Anar led the delegation of Azerbaijan at the congress. As a member of the delegation consisting of writers, journalists and scientists, Professor Tahira Mammad, head of the Department of Literary Theory of  ANAS Institute of Literature after  Nizami Ganjavi, presented her proposals for discussion in the fourth working group and her proposals were accepted by voting.