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Mir Jafar Pishevari – Secret signed articles (1945-1946)

25-09-2023 [ 11:38 ] [ read:428 ]
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Certain works have been done in South Azerbaijan, as well as in Iran in general, in the field of studying the multi-field activity of M.J.Pishavari. Articles, memoirs, and publicist works written in South Azerbaijan can actually be considered successful in the field of learning again its rich heritage, the way of life that will be an example for future generations. From this point of view, studying and evaluating the life path, literary-artistic and journalistic heritage of a socio-political figure, writer, translator, literary critic, powerful publicist and editor, statesman on a large scale, and conveying it to the people is one of the important tasks facing the contemporary science of Azerbaijani studies. M.J.Peshavari in the history of Azerbaijani literature and culture, M.F. Akhundzade, M.A.Rasulzadeh, J. Mammadguluzadeh, F.B.Kocherli, N.Narimanov, A.Hagverdiyev, A.Huseynzadeh, M. B.Mammadzadeh, A.Agaoglu, A.Jafaroglu, Y. Vazir, S.Huseyn are included in the group of personalities. On the one hand, they continued and enriched the literature and culture of the people, on the other hand, they stood guard over that literature and culture, analyzed and propagated it and on the third hand, they fought for the future happiness of the people.

The book "Secretly signed articles (1945-1946)" by Mir Jafar Peshavari was published in "Azerbaijan" newspaper with the authorship and compilation of the idea authorship and compilation of Professor Rahim Aliyev, head of the South Azerbaijan Literature Department of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of ANAS. Translated from the Arabic alphabet by Hokuma Allahverdiyeva, translated from Persian by Ibrahim Guliyev Babek, Yedulla Kanani, Arif Ibrahimov, Hokuma Allahverdiyeva and Hasan Safar.

Rahim Aliyev, doctor of philological sciences, wrote a long "Foreword" to the book entitled "M.J.Peshavari in "Azerbaijan" newspaper or about the secret "Novruz" signature".

M.J. Peshavari has published many articles in "Azerbaijan" newspaper with different signatures. For the first time, this book contains translations of native language and Persian articles published 80 years ago under the secret signature "Novruz". The book also contains Peshavari's great and unknown research on Sh.M.Khiyabani.

It also contains Peshawari's great and unknown study of his teacher Sheikh Muhammad Khiyabani. The eighty-year delay in the publication of these books was related to the censorship imposed by the Soviet regime on the subject of the National Government and M.J. Peshawar's activities at that time.

This printed book, consisting of M.J. Peshavari's anonymously signed articles has published in the "Azerbaijan" newspaper covering the years 1945-1946, is an example for researchers studying our southern-northern literature and history.


Professor Vugar Ahmad