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Khuraman Hummatova. Sufism in the context of Azerbaijani literature

05-09-2023 [ 12:06 ] [ read:549 ]
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Scientific editor: Ph.D., professor: Imamverdi Hamidov

   Reviewers: Ph.D., professor: Mammad Aliyev

                          elephant f.d. Zahra Allahvediyeva

  Baku - 2023

In the book presented to the readers, the dynamics of the development of the problem of Sufism in the creativity of individual artists are examined. This development, taking its beginning from folk creativity, proved itself in the formation of folk Sufism. Later, this development played a basic role in the emergence of literary Sufism in written poetry.

Esoteric knowledge, which is the main structure of classical poetry, plays a leading role in Azerbaijani poetry.

Here Sufism is the main source of ideas for progressive ideas and motives in classical Azerbaijani literature. Therefore, medieval artists did not remain indifferent to this source and creatively used Sufi ideas and motifs. Also, the articles in the book reveal that Sufism is a tool for artists to spread their progressive ideas.